Deliciously Healthy Summer E-Book
Deliciously Healthy Summer E-BookDeliciously Healthy Summer E-BookDeliciously Healthy Summer ReceipeDeliciously Healthy Summer ReceipeDeliciously Healthy Summer ReceipeDeliciously Healthy Summer ReceipeDeliciously Healthy Summer E-Book

Deliciously Healthy Summer eBook


Late summer is a time of overwhelming bounty, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut making the same salad over and over again. Shake things up in the kitchen with this inspiring guide to summer cooking. Enjoy my collection of 14 summer recipes inspired by the sunny Mediterranean. Combine summer vegetables in fresh new ways and try a few exotic pantry staples to add flair. These recipes are quick and easy, because cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to be sophisticated! 

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Product Description

Deliciously Healthy Summer is a collection of 14 salads and main courses to get your creativity flowing. You’ll find a wide variety of dishes, including lamb, chicken, pork and seafood, all surrounded by a generous serving of vegetables and fruits. These recipes are fresh and light, brightly coloured and boldly flavoured–exactly what you want to eat during the hottest days of the year. Eight of the recipes are brand new and six have been pulled from the la domestique archives and refreshed a bit. Every recipe has a photograph, and most have two beautiful images. I’ve also included a guide to my summer pantry with ideas for effortlessly putting vibrant, healthy meals on the table every day.  

Break out of your cooking rut and try some new recipes! Learn fool proof methods for cooking tender, succulent fish and genius techniques for fast and flavorful grilling. Master the 5 elements of salads and use your newfound skills to get creative with summer’s bounty. Do you want to be one of those people who effortlessly throws together gorgeous meals with whatever’s on hand at the moment? In Deliciously Healthy Summer I show you how to do just that. 

I guarantee you’ll discover exciting new ingredients to add to your pantry and versatile cooking techniques to help you cook in the moment with whatever you find at the farmer’s market. I promise all the recipes are quick and simple to prepare. 

Deliciously Healthy Summer is available to download no matter where you are in the world. Ingredient measurements are displayed in both metric units and cups (for my American readers). 

This eBook is an instant download PDF you can view on any device.

Once you complete the purchase the receipt contains a link you can click to download the eBook. You will also receive the link in your email. 



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