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The La Domestique Food Philosophy

Anyone Can Enjoy Cooking

Preparing food doesn’t have to be a chore. Making a quick, simple meal that tastes delicious is a satisfying task that anyone can do.

Cook with the Seasons

Ingredients that are in season have better flavour and the greatest amount of nutrients. Savouring what Mother Nature has to offer right now makes each meal special.

Food is Medicine

Food is meant to fuel the body and certain foods can play a role in healing or preventing disease.

Choose Local and Organic

Locally grown produce is freshest. Fruits and vegetables are living things that begin to decay soon after harvesting, losing nutrients. Pesticides are bad. Talk to your farmer at the market and make sure the produce is grown organically, whether or not it carries the expensive certification title. When buying from the supermarket, choose organic.

Support Small, Sustainable Producers

Take into account fair trade, environmental stewardship, and animal treatment when choosing where to spend money on food. Buy from those who farm (or fish) sustainably, earn a fair wage for their produce, and allow their animals to roam freely in fields.

Cooking From Scratch is Best

Homemade food is tastier, healthier, and preservative/chemical-free. Avoid processed foods.

Keep it Real

Follow Margot Henderson’s words, “Food should be prepared simply and ingredients should be allowed to speak for themselves.” The kitchen shouldn’t be a laboratory, devoid of love and nurturing.

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Jess O'Toole is La Domestique

Hi, I’m Jess, aka La Domestique. No matter how busy or cooking-challenged you are I can help you live the good life and enjoy fresh, healthy meals at home every day. Find out more

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