Ingredient of the Week: Potato

Ingredient Of The Week: Potato (c)2011

Why don’t we welcome fall with the humble potato? I think it’s perfect- satisfying and comforting for cooler days and bigger appetites. The potato is a simple root tuber, not much to look at. Combine it with fat, in the form of cream or lard, and the potato is transformed into something special. Potatoes have an earthy flavor and creamy texture that brings us back to mom’s cooking. Serve them a myriad of ways: boiled, baked, roasted, or fried. This week at La Domestique, we’ll explore the many potato varieties and how cuisines across the world cook with them. Learn new techniques beyond your basic baked potato in 10 Ways Tuesday. I’ll have recipes to share throughout the week. On Thursday, learn the story behind the potato: growing, storing, cooking, and flavor pairing. The farmers markets are still full  of interesting varieties to try. I invite you to cook in the moment with me.