Fresh Start: A Deliciously Healthy Detox

Fresh Start Detox


I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first cooking program on my new website, Gzel. It’s 4 weeks of delicious recipes, meal plans and everything you need to cook healthy every day. If you’ve never done a detox but always wanted to try one this program is perfect! The food is satisfying and you’re gonna feel amazing. Check it out!

Podcast: La Domestique Detox Program on Dublin City FM The Learning Show

La Domestique Detox on DublinCityFM ©2014 La Domestique



I’ve got another podcast for you today! It’s perfect for if you’re in the kitchen doing a lot of cooking for Christmas or maybe sitting at your desk counting down the hours till you get off work. Laura Fitzsimons invited me back to The Learning Show on Dublin City FM to chat about my upcoming detox program, Fresh Start, and share tips for creating healthy habits for the New Year. I have so many friends who really want to make a positive change for 2015– whether it’s kick the sugar addiction or make the time to cook more meals at home. I highly recommend listening to the podcast if this sounds like you! Find it here.


Podcast: La Domestique Interview on Dublin City FM The Learning Show

Jess-Interview DublinCityFM ©2014 LaDomestique


Hello there! I’m just popping in to let you know I was on The Learning Show for Dublin City FM this week and the podcast is up if you’d like to have a listen. For the first half I share my entrepreneurial journey and the surprising twists and turns that lead me to La Domestique. During the second half I give a few tips for eating healthy every day and talk a bit about my detox program to be released in January. Thanks to Laura Fitzsimons for having me in the studio, it was great fun!



Listen to the podcast by clicking on Dublin City FM icon 


Healthy Holiday Guide: What to Eat the Day After You Party

Healthy Holiday Guide: What to Eat After You Party ©LaDomestique

Happy Monday– or maybe not?!

If the weekend was full of Christmas parties and you’re feeling a bit rough this morning, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Last week we chatted about finding balance during the season of indulgence and I shared my deliciously healthy menu What to Eat Before You Party. Today I want to help you get back on track after the holiday feast or office Christmas party. I find that excess can be a great reminder of how good it feels to return to my healthy lifestyle. My body lets me know “that was SO uncool” with headaches, nausea, sluggishness and a whole host of unpleasant symptoms. 


“Experiencing excess reminds you how good balance feels.”


What do you do to regain your balance after moments of excess? For me, getting back to a healthy routine first thing in the morning is my best chance of feeling (and looking!) better fast. My What to Eat the Day After You Party menu is designed to settle the stomach, detoxify the body and restore energy. I would love to hear your favourite (healthy!) hangover foods– let’s not talk about salty chips (fries) which I totally crave too!