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La Domestique Detox on DublinCityFM ©2014 La Domestique


I’ve got another podcast for you today! It’s perfect for if you’re in the kitchen doing a lot of cooking for Christmas or maybe sitting at your desk counting down the hours till you get off work. Laura Fitzsimons invited me back to The Learning Show on Dublin City FM to chat about my upcoming detox program, Fresh Start, and share tips for creating healthy habits for the New Year. I have so many friends who really want to make a positive change for 2015– whether it’s kick the sugar addiction or make the time to cook more meals at home. I highly recommend listening to the podcast if this sounds like you! Find it here.


La Domestique on The Learning Show DublinCityFM


  1. Hey sis! Mom and I are sitting her listening to your podcast. You sound great! We are both really getting pumped about the upcoming detox! Love you!

    • Thanks sis! I’m excited too!

  2. Sounding great, Jess! I think I’m definitely going to give this a roll :)

    • Thanks Tolani!


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