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Hammock in the trees (c)2012 La Domestique

October is flying by and it seems all my projects involve everything but food. Being a freelancer is fun because I never know what kind of project lies just around the corner. Most recently, I photographed my friend Kerry, founder of Comma Workshop, quilting in her beautiful studio and I’m working on a project styling luxury handwoven purses with a photographer for another client. Food is still my favorite subject, but it’s fun to branch out and grow as an artist. I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I would like share a few photos I captured on a trip to Seattle in August. Nature is a huge inspiration for my lifestyle and food styling. Even though it was still technically summer in Seattle, the overcast skies and cool temperatures felt very autumnal. Usually, when I think of lying in a hammock I picture ocean waves, sunny skies, and a refreshing drink, but it’s interesting to see a hammock at the edge of dark and mysterious woods. Instead of a lemonade I picture sipping a cuppa hot tea and getting lost in a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

A path through the woods (c)2012 La Domestique

This path through the woods made me think of the old Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

Berries on the bush (c) 2012 La Domestique

The foliage in Seattle is overwhelmingly green, with bursts of red berries that almost seem florescent.

Blue Berries against lush forest (c) 2012 La Domestique

It’s challenging to capture detail when the background is full of leaves in so many shapes and textures. I liked how the light kissed these dusty blue berries.

Fern (c)2012 La Domestique

Leaves (c) 2012 La Domestique

Flora and fauna of the arid Front Range in Colorado (where I live) is so specific and often monotone (pine trees in the mountains and dry scrub in the foothills) that I always appreciate the diverse plants in other parts of the country. I got a high off the visual stimulation from so many shapes and textures in the temperate rain forest of Washington. I returned home inspired by nature with new ideas for styling and photographing.

Does nature inspire your creativity? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Click Here.