Ingredient Of The Week : Peaches

The season for summer peaches is here! Take a look at the video announcing peaches as the ingredient of the week. I’ve got tons of ideas for recipes both sweet and savory here at You’re invited to cook in the moment with me all week. I can’t wait to find out your favorite ways to cook with peaches. Soon it will be fall, but for now we’ll savor the dwindling days of summer with ripe, juicy peaches.

Do you have a favorite peach variety or recipe? Let me know in the comments section. Click here.


  1. I love peaches! I just picked up a whole box of them yesterday to make sure the season didn’t pass me by. I have been thinking about making a simple cake with peaches slices baked on top. I’ll let you know how it goes! PS. love your top!

  2. Peach cake sounds great!

  3. Hey Jess! I missed last week and was just catching up. Love the video! They get better every week. :).

    • Thanks, sis!


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