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Saffron (c)2011 LaDomestique.comThis past week at La Domestique was devoted to the exotic spice, saffron. We explored cuisines of Italy, France, Spain, India and Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco. We tried the classic pairing of saffron and seafood with a mussels dish, and even baked bread with saffron. Rather than making saffron the star of a dish, I have learned to use it as a deep, intriguing background flavor alongside stronger ingredients like tomatoes or peppers. I hope you enjoyed saffron week.

In case you missed anything I’ve got a recap for you!

  • Monday:  Announcing saffron as the ingredient of the week in videocast.
  • Tuesday:  10 Ways Tuesday! Creative ways to use saffron in summer cooking.
  • Wednesday:  Cook in the moment with a quick and easy recipe for Mussels with Tomato Saffron Broth
  • Thursday:  The story behind saffron: growing, harvesting, buying good quality, cooking and flavor pairing.
  • Friday:  Baking saffron bread rolls.

Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for reading! See you Monday for the new ingredient of the week.