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Couscous (c)2011

Last week at La Domestique was all about couscous! Perfect for summer, couscous cooks in less than 10 minutes and readily absorbs vinaigrette for salads and savory pan juices of meats. I hope couscous week inspires you to wake up your palate with exotic north African flavors and try something new.

Just in case you missed anything, I’ve got a recap for you!

  • Monday:  Announcing couscous as the ingredient of the week on our videocast.
  • Tuesday:  10 Ways Tuesday! Creative ideas for cooking with couscous during summer.
  • Wednesday:  Cook in the moment with a simple weeknight couscous supper. Also learn about preserved lemons, a Moroccan staple.
  • Thursday:  The story behind couscous: Is it a grain? A pasta? What is it? Purchasing and cooking with couscous as well as flavor pairings inspired by cuisines of the Middle East.
  • Friday:  A recipe for Chicken & Apricot Couscous inspired by my local Boulder Farmers Market and Moroccan spices from Savory Spice Shop.

I hope you enjoyed couscous week. I’m really falling in love with cuisines of the Middle East. Can’t wait to see you here Monday for the next ingredient of the week- happy weekend!