Ingredient of the Week: Couscous

This week at La Domestique it’s all about couscous! Take a look at the video announcing the ingredient of the week. If you love cooking with couscous, I want to hear your favorite ways to prepare it in the comments section. This is going to be a fantastic week at couscous is fun to say and fun to cook. Off we go!

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  1. This is great! Love the site. Informative in a way that’s actually useful! I actually know my food pretty well, but you gave me a couple of ideas I had never even thought of. I’ll keep my eye on this. Thanks and Cheers.


  2. Such a nice blog you have! Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving a comment. I love what you are doing here with videos and all that. Great work!

    • Thanks Maria! I really appreciate it.


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